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Stoney Creek Ranch

I had the opportunity to meet kids from Star of Hope Mission and Ms. Mely at Stoney Creek Ranch summer camp. The camp was only four days long but the impact made on the staff by the kids who came was overwhelming joy. The children came to camp not expecting to be greeted with such excitement and high energy. Nor were they expecting to see the gospel enacted through people they could relate to. It... Read More »
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Our Trip to Schlitterbahn

I attended the Schlitterbahn field trip with the children from Star of Hope last week. We took 6 teachers and 30 children. Once we got in the park and in our groups, we were able to separate and take the kids on what they wanted to do. My group (4-7 years) went on the lazy river that had a twist! We were just floating a long and then a BIG WAVE started and flipped some of us over! The kids thought... Read More »
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Volunteering This Summer

As the Associate Director of Trees of Hope, I have been fortunate to split my time between Trees of Hope and Star of Hope's Development office this summer. Trees of Hope is a nonprofit exclusively benefiting Star of Hope through its Holiday Gala and Guild activities. Star of Hope’s administrative needs are great – with thousands of people to manage including clients, volunteers and staff. It has... Read More »
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Local Boys Raise Money for Homeless

Garrett & Austin will donate $132 to the Star of Hope Mission after setting up a lemonade stand to help the homeless. After leaving a Houston Dynamo game Garrett, 9, saw people getting ready to spend the night on the street. “It really made me sad,” said Simmons. The next day he wrote a business plan for a lemonade stand with the idea to give half the profits to charity. After talking with his... Read More »
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What We Take For Granted

Recently, I took some time out of the classroom at Ms. Mely’s request and helped her get the final things together for the camp that the kids and Star of Hope staff attended last week. We had to scan documents, pick out some dark colored shirts for the girls to wear over their swimsuits and collect toiletries to send with the children for the 4 days. As Melyand I were talking, she explained to me... Read More »
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Phone Call, Forgiveness and a Mother's Joy

I truly enjoyed the thought provoking posting of the legacy of 105 years restoring families. It reminded me of a Friday, the weekend of Mother's Day about 6 years ago at the Star of Hope Men's Development Center. The day was going as normal as possible when I thought about the fact that these men are somebody's son and I wondered the same thing, "When was the last time you spoke to your mother?" I... Read More »
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Donald Driver Football Camp is a Success!

Donald Driver, a player for the Green Bay Packers, and winner of Dancing with the Stars season 14 hosted a 2-day camp for up to 500 kids free of charge. I was able to attend the camp with the kids from Star of Hope this Monday and Tuesday (June 18-19). We took a bus load of kids from ages 8-15 to Dyer Stadium where they participated in a tough, but fun camp. There were several stations set up all... Read More »
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Interning with the Star of Hope Has Been a Blessing!

I am the ExxonMobil intern at Star of Hope for this summer. I found out about the ExxonMobil program through the job website at my school, University of Houston – Downtown). Being an intern at the Star of Hope has been such a blessing. I am so excited to be a working with an organization that is Christ centered. At my previous job I had to be careful about what I said about faith, but here I can... Read More »
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Laughing During Tough Times

Laughing during tough times is okay. Last week I was on the food line at Star of Hope helping to serve the guests’ lunch. Due to the heat and school being out for the summer, we had a long line of people waiting. I was working side by side with one of the guests and I sensed that she seemed quiet or sad or a bit withdrawn. I didn’t want to ask her at that particular moment as we were trying to... Read More »
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38,000 Bottles of Water for Houston's Homeless

“Jesus answered and said to her, ‘Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.’” John 4:13-14 I am overcome by the power of living water as I was able to join some of the Star of Hope staff as we received a huge... Read More »
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Serving at the Shelter

I have been a volunteer at the Star of Hope Women & Family Emergency Shelter for almost a year. I am going to tell you how I came to Star of Hope. My husband and I lived in Singapore for 5 years and were relocated to the Houston area. My 4 children were all grown and I wasn't sure about what to do with the next chapter in my life. I prayed that God would show me what to do. My focus came from... Read More »
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Real, Valuable and Meaningful

My husband and I have been long-time financial donors to the Star of Hope. Earlier this year, God opened a door of opportunity for me to volunteer in the kitchen at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter. For this, I will be forever grateful. It is an honor and privilege to have this chance to serve others each and every week. Being supervised by a professional and talented staff that works directly... Read More »
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Looks of Hope

It's the little things that make the biggest difference. Those often subtle, involuntary cues can tell someone's whole story. Most of us know in our hearts that the poor and homeless are not so very different from us. Homelessness is an unfortunate fact of life that can happen to anyone, especially in big cities like Houston, Texas. Many of us don't understand homelessness, which, of course, is... Read More »
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Giving Our Time and Treasure

A few months ago my organization, Modify, and I decided to service the men, women, and children at the Star of Hope with our time and treasure. We decided to host a Linens and Things donation drive to collect blankets, pillow cases, and towels to give to the families of Star of Hope. The amount of items that were collected was overwhelming! We also decided to hand deliver the collected donations... Read More »
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Sharing God’s Love with Others

The 4th/5th grade children at Pines Presbyterian had an incredible experience serving Cookies & Good Night with Star of Hope. They not only enjoyed themselves in serving others and making new friends, but they spontaneously sang three songs which really "connected them" with the residents in attendance as witnessed by the applause, high-fives and hugs they received. All of this allowed them to... Read More »
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Grace, Community and Mission

River Oaks Baptist School has a long-standing, loving relationship with the Star of Hope Mission. For years, we have brought our choirs there to sing at Christmas, performing for our absolute FAVORITE audience. For the first time, we were thrilled to have a chance to support the mission’s work in the spring. In observance of National Day of Prayer, we had a chapel service in which, along with... Read More »
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A Day of Hope

I was very blessed and humble to speak to the women at Star of Hope's Transitional Living Center. Often times life happens to all of us and it's hard to understand. The women in Star of Hope, didn't ask to be there but life just happened. Even in the midst of what some would call a tragedy, these women displayed joy, excitement, and resilient toward life. It was a blessing to share my testimony... Read More »
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Shout-Out of Thanks to All Other Star of Hope Volunteers

Unlike most of the volunteers at Star of Hope, I have very little daily interaction with the clients. Instead, I volunteer my services in the Administration Building where I am responsible for entering the volunteer hours performed at each facility. Before volunteering at Star of Hope, I never considered the ongoing demands and operations required to run a large non-profit, social service... Read More »
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Looking Back

I have been a Star of Hope resident twice in my life. Once for a year and again for a month. This place is wonderful. I learned a lot, even though I was only a kid both times. Keep up the good work guys! April     Star of Hope Mission Help for Families Houston Read More »
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My Background Is Not An Excuse To Give Up!

I lived at the Star of Hope when I was six or seven years old. It was really different for my family but it helped us alot, especially my mom. I got to meet some great people here and they actually are still apart of my life. The most memorable thing I did while I was here was going to Michael Jordan basketball camp in California. The Star of Hope knew that I liked basketball and arranged for me... Read More »
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