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“Seeing The Light Keeps Me Going.”

Michelle Alexander has worked as the Director of the Transitional Living Center for 11 years. She deeply cares for those under her care.

"I love to see the light come on in their eyes. When you see a woman looking at you kindly for the first time, then you know God has warmed her heart. She is beautiful.

I know we can give all the advice in the world, but they are just empty words until a woman comes to trust the Lord, and us.

I have a hundred stories to tell of lives changed, and I love my work. But I still get down when I see someone quit before they see the light. They are so close sometimes, and it is sad, especially if they have a mental health problem or children depending on them.

But I now know we are not writing people’s stories. We are not the Savior. We do not own their futures. Our part here may be just to plant a seed of truth in that person. Someone else may come along and see the harvest. We have to be OK with that. It is God’s timing — not mine.

We celebrate when someone receives their GED by ringing the bell. And it is a loud big bell! Staff and residents come to see what is going on.

Great things are happening here! In any given week, we might be celebrating a new job, an answered prayer for a loved one, a reconciliation with family, a newborn, or someone surrendering to the care of Jesus.

We will gather for a pep rally that does us all good. Seeing God working is always worth a celebration.

Our guests often began here with a trash bag of clothes and a few personal things, or just the clothes on their backs — they were nearly lost. And now they are achieving things they never thought they could."

Michelle Alexander shares the Word with a Transitional Living Center client.

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