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Stoney Creek Ranch

I had the opportunity to meet kids from Star of Hope Mission and Ms. Mely at Stoney Creek Ranch summer camp. The camp was only four days long but the impact made on the staff by the kids who came was overwhelming joy.

The children came to camp not expecting to be greeted with such excitement and high energy. Nor were they expecting to see the gospel enacted through people they could relate to. It was amazing to see the change in their attitudes and demeanor as the word of God was poured into them through their counselors, the activities they participated in like the challenge course, and the final presentation, "Cross Talk".

Even though four days is not a long time to bond with someone you just met, the relationships built will be life altering. I would just like to acknowledge the love and care that Ms. Mely has for the families she works with. I commend her for doing what God has created her for. Thank you Ms. Mely for being the light in a dark world.

Latrise "LT" Ruffin

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