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Charitable giving is, in many ways, an expression of a person’s deepest held values and passions.

God gives us the strength to earn money, and so we have a responsibility to use it wisely.

Thus, in thinking of our future and our legacies, provision for both our own families as well as the causes we hold dear can be an incredible blessing to many who remain after we go home.

Including Star of Hope in your legacy giving plans through a bequest is a way to not only change lives for today, but for the eternal as you will help further advance the Kingdom of God.

Many in our Houston community choose to give to Star of Hope because they enjoy seeing men, women and children escape misery and live good and fruitful lives.

One way is to write Star of Hope into your will for a fixed percentage of your assets — 5% or 10% for example. A financial planner can guide you on this.

There are also strategies to give a portion of your estate and receive an income for life. At the same time you can lower your taxes while supporting a cause you love.

None of us will know the full impact we have on other people’s lives until God wraps everything up. It is probably greater than we imagine. God has an amazing ability to take our ‘few loaves and some fi sh’ and feed a multitude. Just look at how much increase God gets out of one apple seed, year after year.

God does much with little. He multiplies the fruit of our love offerings here on earth, and also carries the fruit on into eternity. Now that is surely a good investment!

For more information on how you can make a lasting legacy on Star of Hope, please contact Jack O’Brien, Vice President of Donor Relations, at or (713) 440-5317.


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