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The Beauty of Metamorphosis

The beautiful butterfly develops through a process of metamorphosis, which is a Greek word meaning transformation. After the egg is laid on plants, a caterpillar hatches. As the caterpillar grows and is fully grown, it transforms into a pupa protected inside a cocoon. The cocoon may look like much of nothing, but changes are happening on the inside of this cocoon! After a while, transformation brings forth a beautiful butterfly, full of color and design! How awesome is God’s creation!

This month, our ladies from Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center and Women and Family Emergency Shelter were blessed to attend the annual Metamorphosis Empowerment Conference at The Fountain of Praise Church. This annual conference parallels the transformation of the butterfly with the transformation of our spiritual lives.

Through praise, worship and the Spoken Word, our ladies were able to experience this same type of metamorphosis in their personal lives. They were able to break out of their cocoon and be the beautiful flying butterfly God has called them to be.

They were also blessed to attend a Day of Compassion where they received physical makeovers during the same week. So, the “Beauty of Metamorphosis” is how God can take what looks like nothing, and transform it into something so beautiful both inside and out. To God be the glory!

Geneva DeVaughn
Spiritual Life Coordinator
Star of Hope Mission
Randy & Kathy Tabor Transitional Living Center

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