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The Greatest Present is When We Give

Over the summer my friend and I were talking about a good mommy and son bonding activity, so we decided on doing some sort of community service. I was aware of the Star of Hope through my job and various activities we have done in the past. When I went on the website I found the Snacks & Goodnight event which sounded like the perfect thing to allow our sons to give back to children their own age.  My family and I volunteered along with my friend’s family at the Women’s and Family Shelter. It was so rewarding. I was truly humbled by the families there and how grateful they were. We passed out cookies, sandwiches, and juice to the residents that night; however, it seemed like we did so much more within that hour.

Chen family volunteering at Star of Hope Mission for Snacks & Goodnight

The look on those children’s faces was a blessing within itself. It was so joyous to see smiles on our sons’ faces because of the smiles they were receiving from the families. Just the thought of how grateful other people were for things that I easily take for granted daily like snacks and juice, brought tears to my eyes. We actually brought so much food that they were able to come back for 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and more. The best part was we still had food left for them to serve to the 9pm people when they arrived. Of course you know my son tried to eat some cookies, but I told him he can have cookies any day. These children don’t always get to have cookies, so that is what made tonight so special for them.

When we finished up and were leaving, I asked my son how he felt about us volunteering and he said he was glad we were able to help the families and that he wanted to come back and help again.  As we drove back home my son said “Mommy I am glad we gave the cookies to the kids. You don’t have to bake cookies for me I can just eat cookie dough tonight.” I think he really understood that we are fortunate to have, but the greatest present is when we are able to give. That night I thanked God for allowing me to truly be a servant of his works, and that my son was able to share in the experience.

Wallace family volunteering at Star of Hope Mission for Snacks & Goodnight

I encourage more people to just take time out of their lives and do something for someone else. The small sacrifice you make can bring back such a great return and a memory that will last a lifetime! Thank you Star of Hope for allowing us this opportunity and for providing such great care for others. 


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