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The Healing My Soul Desperately Needed

Before coming to Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center I was lost. I had given up hope and was broken spiritually and financially. I was haunted by painful memories of sexual/physical abuse and cruel lies that had been spoken over my life … lies that led me to believe that I was a worthless person. I was the embodiment of fear. Terrified to face reality or responsibility, I used drugs and practiced unhealthy behaviors to help me not have to deal with issues that I refuse to address, but were slowly killing me inside.

Star of Hope Mission: Transitional Living Center for Women & Families

The New Hope program became the foundation of my healing. Each counselor and class allowed me to shed the layers of my hurt, shame, guilt and my fear of failure. I came to TLC expecting just shelter for me and my six children, food and help finding a job. Yet, I have received so much more than I ever imaged. I just didn’t find an empty religion. I have been given a spiritual awakening, the courage to love myself, and to believe in the abilities God has given me. In essence, I found the source of the healing my soul had been so desperately crying out for.

I now can face my fears and my future with courage and hope. I cling to love and faith in Christ to keep moving forward and the strength to no longer settle, but succeed at every opportunity. I truly believe that I could not have changed if I had not found my way through the doors of Star of Hope Transitional Living Center. I am forever grateful and indebted to them.

Star of Hope Transitional Living Center Client

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Name: Chrystal
Time: Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wishing you the best! You have a beautiful family!

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