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The season of gratefulness … year round!

Thanksgiving is a time of year when much focus is put toward being grateful for what we have. Giving gratitude to God should be a part of everyday life, and for many it is a daily practice. But, on Thanksgiving, people are able to celebrate this sentiment in a focused way, with many individuals across the nation gathering to celebrate with their friends and loved ones all on one day. Simultaneously, many people are not able to, as they have lost that grateful focus due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives. Or, they may not have a home or anyone to celebrate with at all.

My wife and I enjoy a game with our kids throughout the year, one where we go around the table at dinner time and have each person say something they are thankful for. It might be something fleeting such as a fun day on the playground, a favorite movie, or an activity with a friend. It can also be something deeply meaningful, such as the health of a family member, or the roof over our heads. It is always a time where we can focus back to God, and remind each other of all He provides each and every day, from the smallest to the biggest of needs.

At Star of Hope, our clients yearn for their relationship with God, available to them through Christ, even if they don’t know it upon entering our doors. We all want to realize we are loved and that God has a plan for our lives, a good plan as it is written in Jeremiah 29:11. We all want to have a heart filled with gratefulness because we have had needs met for which to be thankful. What a privilege we all have to help make this path known to those who come for help, as well as to all who come and serve at Star of Hope.

At Star of Hope, we know where our gratefulness should be directed. It is to God, and the way He works through all of our Church Partners, donors and volunteers each and every day for the past 108 years. Thank you, Lord, for all who give, serve and pray daily. What an honor it is to be witness to the great work He does here, through you.

In Jesus’ name,

Jack O’Brien
Vice President of Donor Relations

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