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What Do I Want?

Now that I have the desire to think about the ways and thoughts of God, I can consider the things that I want. Star of Hope greatly helped me to become aware of the things that I should ask for and want in life.

As I replay the tape of my life I found that I have often wanted those things that were self- gratifying. Some examples are the cars, clothes, houses and other things that I thought were evidences to show that I was successful. None of these things fully satisfied my insatiable wants and desires. It was like climbing a mountain where I would continually lose my footing, roll back down the hill and I could never reach the top. 1 Corinthians 8:2 states, “Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know.”

On the other side of the coin, there were things that I did not want or knew that I needed, but found that I actually wanted or needed them. Case in point is the knowledge of how to live and what I should be living for. I thought I would conquer the world but later found that I was conquered by my worldly passion. My life was not directed by the Word of God which I thought I did not need because after all, I had graduated from college and studied biology, sociology, philosophy, history, accounting, English, etc. I was ready for the world.

Now that I think about it, the knowledge that I obtained was not from the Bible, but was from the world. I did not know what God expected from me or what I should expect from Him. This realization really hit home when I read Hosea 4:6 which states, “My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.” I’m sure that the knowledge that I learned in school is beneficial and could have been used to glorify God, rather than myself. I did not use it to bring glory to God. I only thought about myself and how I could climb the ladder of success while all the time missing what God had planned for me because of my lack of knowledge of Him.

While at the Star of Hope, I had the chance to increase my knowledge of the Word of God. My main reason and purpose for coming to Star of Hope was to work the program and learn the Word which I had thought that I did not need. Star of Hope helped me to know what I finally want and that is Jesus.

 Robert Hudson

Star of Hope Mission
Recovery Programs and Homeless Services Houston


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