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Who Do I Owe?

I was reading the Bible last week and one scripture kept getting my attention. Matthew 5:25 states that we should “reach a settlement quickly with your adversary… or your adversary will hand you over to the judge.” Now that I am willing to truly have faith and believe in Jesus, more and more remembrances are coming to mind. One such issue that has been heavy on my mind for many years is the debts that I owe. I later also found that many of us that are in recovery have similar problems.

I had avoided past tax problems. Because of my unwillingness and failure to address the tax issues in a timely manner, my credit has been affected by having to pay high interest rates. In addition, many employers now run credit checks which could prevent me from gainful employment. Whenever I applied for a job, apartment, credit, my past would always haunt me because I would never know if my past would surface. Then I thought about child support, past debts, past driving tickets and more importantly... my soul.

You know for some crazy reason I thought taxes, driving tickets, child support and other debts would just go away. Well, let me tell you they do not go away but get progressively worse. During my time at the Star of Hope, I talked to many who had the same problem and did as I did - failed to address the issues.

Now that I am in Jesus Christ, I have the inclination, desire, willingness, strength, and support to address my adversaries - past debt. I have started to contact each and every one of them and discuss payment options. By starting the conversation, many are willing to either reduce or compromise my past obligation. I am surely glad that I started addressing my past fears. It is like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. I now have peace and joy because I addressed my past. I am glad that the scriptures give me wisdom, knowledge, strength to “clean up what I messed up.”

I appreciate the Star of Hope  for instilling in me that I need  to take all my problems to the Cross. Had I not been reading the Bible, I would not have come to this revelation. Addressing my past debt is another example of where Jesus is showing me how I can have faith in Him for peace and joy. More importantly, just think what I owe Jesus for being brought for a price - my life. I pray that I will also remember the price that I not only owe my debtors, but also Jesus

Robert Hudson

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