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Why I joined the Circle of Hope

We are grateful for friends like you who give to help the hungry and homeless of Houston with Star of Hope Mission. Many of our supporters want to take the next step and make an even greater difference. They belong to our Circle of Hope because they have made a monthly commitment to support our mission. This is why:

“I know that life often presents obstacles which are very difficult to deal with. I want to try and help as many people as I can overcome some of those obstacles. I want to help those who want to help themselves.” –Julius Harris

“We, like our mother and father before us, want to help those in need and do it through a Christ-based ministry. We joined the Circle of Hope because the needs are ongoing.” –C.T. Blomstrom

“I am a Circle of Hope member because I believe in Star of Hope’s mission and faith-based process.” –Neil M. Christie

“It’s not right for me to be so blessed and not give back, and who knows, one day I may need the same services.” –Ondrea Taylor

“I want to help those less fortunate more consistently.” –George Van Buren

For more information on how you can help the hungry and homeless more consistently as a Circle of Hope member, contact Chrystal Rivers at or join online.

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