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Why I Love Working for Star of Hope!

My position at Star of Hope allows me to not only see the full scope of the care and services we offer our clients, but I have the privilege of sharing the neat stories I come across, with you, through the mail. Whether it’s a client who has overcome addiction through the New Hope Recovery Program, a volunteer group who donated stuffed animals for the children, or a Circle of Hope member supporting our efforts through their generous donations on a monthly basis … I am learning through my position that we are all a part of the amazing success of this mission, and everyone involved at any capacity is being blessed by God.

Today, I received a phone call from a woman wanting to give a donation over the phone. This is not anything out of the ordinary as these calls typically peak during the winter and holiday season, but this lady’s phone call was different.It reminded me of one more reason why I love working at Star of Hope.

We will call her Ms. G. to protect her privacy. Ms. G. called my office and I answered eager to hear what amount this call would lend. She introduced herself and asked could she give a donation towards Thanksgiving meals for the homeless. “Absolutely!” I said. “I’m ready for your card number when you are.” Ms. G. then asks can she put me on hold, she could not reach her wallet and needed to put the phone down to do so. I am thinking no big deal, right? Well … it is a HUGE deal in this case … here’s why.

Ms. G. picks up the phone agin and goes on to say, “I’m sorry darling. I am laying in a hospital bed and my purse was out of reach. I have cancer in my back and I can’t move around too much. But as I was laying here, I kept thinking about the children and families that have it far worse than me, they won’t have anything to eat for Thanksgiving so I had to make sure I called and did my part.”

I was speechless! Here was a woman, confined to a hospital bed because of her own infirmities and helping to provide for others was on her mind. If that isn’t amazing I do not know what is. Ms. G. and I went on to talk more about her illness as she shared encouraging words of her strong faith. And I ended the call that much more thankful about the small valleys in my own life.

Recently, Star of Hope was recognized as Houston Chronicles Top Workplaces in 2014. Such award is given based on responses from a survey taken by current employees of each organization, which means that the consensus of Star of Hope employees is that Star of Hope rocks! I couldn’t agree more and it’s because of encounters such as these that remind me of the wonderful team effort we share (clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and the community) in changing lives and giving hope, through the love of Jesus Christ.

Chrystal Rivers, MBA
Annual Giving Program Specialist
Star of Hope Mission


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