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“You were there for me, when I really needed someone.”

When Ann* first came she had no one. She never smiled or talked to anyone. We learned later she was a housewife of 30 years and was recently divorced. Everything she had was taken from her. She was in shock. Her old life was over. Now she had to provide for herself, and she was terrified. She did not know if she could.

It was Star of Hope’s career development class that gave her a spark of hope. She recognized her skills that had gone unused for so long. That was a turning point. She knew she could get a good job using those skills. She rose up with new energy and purpose. Before long she had a good job and was planning her new life.

As she was leaving we asked her if she needed anything. She smiled and thanked us, saying, “You were there for me when I really needed someone. Help the other women who need it most.”

Ann has since obtained successful independent living, fulfilling a component of Star of Hope’s Vision 2020.

*Name and picture are changed to respec privacy.

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