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"25 Days of Christmas Miracles" - Sandra's Miracle

Sandra has had a rough many in our country have.  But, as someone who has spent Christmas' past in OTHER people's homes--she is just so happy to have her own apartment with her children!!

Sandra has been unemployed or underemployed for nearly 18 months!! She has struggled to make ends meet--paying bills, paying rent, buying food and clothing for her has been hard, but Sandra is resourceful.

Sandra has dreams--she wants the best for her children; she wants to return to school to study counseling and become a licensed drug counselor; and, she wants to help others become what God wants them to be.

A few months ago, Sandra got a part time job and was so happy. She loved the work she was doing and came in every day with stories of her co-workers, those she cleaned for, and how much she loved what she was doing.  Then, she found out her food stamps were discontinued.  Though she was working part time, she did not have enough money to pay her bills, including rent, AND buy all the food for the home.  She got help from her family and food pantries around town.

Today--Sandra came in the office smiling and walking quickly toward me.  I was hoping she would say "I have a job!!"; but, what she showed me was just as good for now--it was a letter from the state reporting that her Food Stamps had resumed as of YESTERDAY!!  Sandra was so relieved because she has just spent the last of her final paycheck a partial payment of December's rent. 

This was a true miracle--as in the movie "A Christmas Carol"--Sandra and her family will be able to have Christmas Dinner just like the Cratchit's did!!  "Merry Christmas, one and all!!"

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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