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Happy Third Anniversary - New Horizons!!

June 6, 2011, marked the official Third Year Anniversary of Star of Hope's New Horizons program.  We moved in the first FIVE clients on June 6, 2008.  While none of those clients remain in the program today--several left successfully before completing the entire 3 year program--there are a few in their third year now.

Sandra is excited about her future...she is working for Goodwill Industries and loves her job. While she was just diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness, she and her children continue to trust God with their present and their future.  Sandra is concentrating on ensuring her children; Keiara-18; and Shawn-16; are ready for whatever life brings them. She prays that they know they are loved and she encourages them to dream for big, bright futures.

Cheri is gaining some ground. She felt she was spinning her wheels until recently. She had big dreams and plans that always seemed to be dashed at the last moment.  However, she is getting those dreams and plans on track and the Lord is blessing her by placing encouraging, loving people in her path to help her along. Cheri was able to transition from part time to full time work last month; she was able to purchase a more reliable vehicle; and, she completed her FAFSA (financial aid forms) so she can return to school next month to complete her few more credit hours toward her BA in graphic design.  She plans to leave this program a complete success.

As the staff consider the program since its inception, we have learned many things.  The clients respond well to the spiritual and emotional encouragement offered through biblical counseling, Recovery Class, and Bible Fellowship.  They encourage each other by offering to help when needed (see Artie's story "Please Pray for Me") and finding themselves as part of a positive community.

This past weekend, on June 4th, we had a Summer Fest. We reached out to our neighbors in the apartment complex and were able to encourage over 150 of our neighbors.  "These are people we see every day in passing," Henry O. said of the event, "But, today I got to really talk to them and encourage them.  They are nice people."

When we begin to see the next few "graduates" leave our program, we will know even more about them and the program's effectiveness.  One thing we do know...we sure do have a great time encouraging each other with the Word of God and praying for each other, too.

Here are some of our kids who made some crafts for their mothers for Mother's Day:

Mother's Day Craft time

We hope you will join us in the Summer of Hope and donate to Star of Hope Mission as we help our neighbors, others who are having hard times, and those who seek out shelter and assistance during these HOT summer months.  Bless you and your families as you seek God's will for your lives!!

Learn more about New Horizons and Star of Hope's other life-changing programs at
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