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Hope Floats up at a Starbucks Drive-Thru

“The Lord said he would restore all the enemy has taken! God bless.” I said as I drove away, knowing I had a very real example to share with the New Horizons clients of how the Lord provides and restores.

When I drove up to order my coffee at Starbucks this morning, I did not fathom that I would have a divine encounter. In my work, rarely a day passes that I don’t share the Gospel of Christ with someone—but, it is usually one of my clients!  This day would start differently.

I placed my order and now sat, waiting to pay.  I saw his ring as he passed my coffee to me.  “That is a beautiful ring.” I said. “James Avery?”  He said it was James Avery.  I was ready to pull away as he began his story...

"My wedding ring was stolen a long time ago and I just never got around to getting a new one.  It became a running joke in my family."  He shared as he now looked down at the ring.  He continued, "A few years my son found this ring and brought it home. We all commented how it was similar to my wedding ring...but, he wanted to keep it, even though it did not fit.  My son got married this spring, and when he moved out, he left the ring behind:"  Where the ring had not fit his son, it was a perfect match for the father’s ring finger! 

I smiled at the story and reminded the man…“The Lord said he would restore all the enemy has taken! God bless.”  I smiled, knowing that God allowed two of His children to meet to encourage each other. This day, a day full of events and business, I needed a reminder of how MY GOD is always working to restore His children.  A lesson for my clients, yes…but, a lesson for me as well!!!

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…” Joel 2:25a

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