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Hope Floats Up, Even In The Hardest Of Times

God provides in the most unique and profound ways…and, three of Star of Hope's New Horizons Residents are experiencing that right now!
Experiencing a job loss is something MANY can relate to when this country has an unemployment rate near 10%.  But, the issue strikes too close to home for Curly, Sharon and Pam.

When asked “What do you want for Christmas?”—children are not answering with the usual “bike, doll, or other toys.”…they are saying, “I want my Mom to have a job.”

Sharon and Pam struggle with their job search. Both laid off from their jobs months ago, struggle with the stigma of a past that will not go away.  The ladies know how to dress for an interview; they have wonderful personalities and answer their interview questions well; and, they show genuine desire and interest in working for the company/organization for which they interview.  Those who interview them say they would like to hire them right away…but, “we have to do a background check.”  REJECTION comes with a phone call that says, “I am sorry, but we do not hire felons.”

And, then there is Curly.  He is kind, has a good work ethic, and is very skilled.  However, he is older than most of the others who are applying for the same positions he is.  He is a half-step slower than the younger men, but his knowledge and work ethic far outshine that of his rivals.  He has knowledge in how to fix cars and just about every home appliance you could think of.  He makes his portion of the rental payment by collecting his unemployment and doing odd-jobs to raise the funds.

“Who will give me a second chance, Miss Erika?” is the question posed to me.  I truly wish I could answer that question.

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Comments for Hope Floats Up, Even In The Hardest Of Times

Name: Alisha Webb
Time: Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Name: Penny
Time: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Serta Mattress Company on Telge Rd will hire persons with past criminal histories including felonies. Be honest and up front with them and it will not be the thing that gets you rejected from a job. It is manual labor.

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