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Hope Floats Up in the Gulf of Mexico

Henry is seeing God's blessings abound, and each day it amazes him!  As he serves as a Chef on the ship in the Gulf of Mexico...he can see every day that--Hope Floats Up.

Henry came to the Star of Hope Men's Development Center after searching for Drug Rehab Centers Houston.  Henry was hurt, broken, angry and addicted to drugs.  While going through intake for the SIX MONTH Spiritual Recovery Program Henry was having second thoughts.  "You mean I can't leave and go get some Popeye's chicken?"  He was told he would not be able to leave the building for several weeks.  This made him angry and he did not think this was for him.

At the moment Henry felt he could just walk away from the future God had for him, a man named Bill Jones walked by.  He works for the Men's Development Center and he looked at Henry--recognizing a soul he had encountered before.  He told Henry that he was EXACTLY where God wanted him to be and that he should STAY put!!  Henry listened...and, he completed the program.

Henry also completed his culinary degree and was able to find a job quickly with a local catering company.  Henry loves to serve others by feeding them.  When Henry feeds--you get delicious food (gumbo, banana pudding, pies) AND the Word of God.  Henry will not hesitate to share what God has done for him!!

Henry transitioned into Star of Hope's New Horizons program in 2009.  Shortly after moving into his own apartment, the economy got so bad that the catering company closed. But, Henry did not lose heart.  He searched for jobs and was blessed with a well-paying off shore assignment as a cook on an oil rig.  He was able to catch up on his bills and put money in savings. He was financially comfortable for the first time in his life (at least LEGALLY!!). 

Henry signed a new lease upon his return to "dry land".  He said, "I have NEVER signed a new lease. I have always just left and moved somewhere else."  Henry and his friends in the New Horizons program are learning what it is like to be responsible, happy, and content in all circumstances.  Henry has found hope in the words:

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

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