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Hope Floats Up on the Kemah Boardwalk

While the warm breeze blows in from the Gulf of Mexico on another HOT day in Texas...these men are grateful.  They are continuing their journey of HOPE... together!!

Most of these six men entered Star of Hope's Men's Development Center (Drug Rehab Centers Houston) and did so "just in time." Some were on their way to an early grave; some had already been in prison and were on the verge of going back; and, all were tired of their lives and wanted something different.

Houston Emergency Shelter gives men, women and families HOPE. Whether it is drug abuse, family alienation, or our country's declining economy--Star of Hope shelters and programs are there to see that Hope Floats Up! 

These men have their own apartments again--some for TWO years now! Charitable Donations Houston allow them the ability to have their own homes while still getting some encouragement and accountability in their lives.  The Star of Hope New Horizons Program encourages these men to carve out a community of Christ-followers and lift each other up as they learn how to live these NEW lives.

Derrick Jones, New Horizons Community Pastor, used these words to describe the day (he went with them):

“After testimonies, bible study and prayer, it was time for us to travel to Kemah, Texas for recreational fun. We arrived in Kemah and ate a wonderfully delicious sea food buffet at the Lighthouse Buffet on the Kemah Boardwalk. After absolutely stuffing ourselves, we stood by the bay and watched as countless boats, yachts, catamarans, and jet skies went out into the Gulf waters. We listened to live music that was really relaxing and soothing to the weary soul. We progressed on and watched several magic, dance, and variety shows by extremely gifted entertainers. By this time, we were worn out by the day’s activities and events, and decided to return home. The men had a great time. After living lives that that never afforded them the opportunity to really enjoy life, these men who have given their lives to Christ had the chance to enjoy and appreciate God’s creation. They were greatly encouraged by the camaraderie that was forged on August 7, 2010. It was a great day to be a man – a man saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ and in fellowship with other saved men!”

Hope Floats Up--even on the Kemah Boardwalk!! Praise God.


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