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Hope for the Holidays!!

We ended the day in prayer...20 men, women and children having given "hope" to need families and individuals for the Thanksgiving holiday. What a blessing it is to be a blessing to others.

A group of 18 volunteers from City Life Church, Houston, TX, came to help the New Horizons and Follow-up Staff make 24 Thanksgiving Meal baskets to distribute to families and individuals in the programs.  City Life Church wanted to find a way to do Charity Work Houston and Supporting Houston Ministries.  They found a way to do just that. 

Having collected food items which included green beans, sweet potatoes, rolls, and more; the group delivered the food and assembled the baskets. 
photo of completed baskets
All 24 baskets prepared...what next??  Some of the residents picked up their baskets--but, we got to deliver some, too.
Volunteers went with staff to deliver the baskets to five of our Follow-up clients. They were so excited to receive this blessing!!

We had a few baskets leftover...what were we to do with them.  One of our New Horizons residents came in and asked if he could give on to his neighbor; another former New Horizons resident said he had a co-worker who was having a hard time.  They wanted to know if they could have the extra baskets to give to these people in need. 

What a wonderful thing to see--formerly homeless individuals reaching out to others in need.  That is what this season of gratitude and giving is all about. These two men, Brian and Ken, KNOW what it is like to have nothing and receive grace and mercy.  Now, they were on the other side of the exchange--they were the ones giving!!  They loved it!!

The volunteers wrapped up with day with prayer and said--"We will be back!!"  I love the holidays--Hope always floats up--especially around the holidays.  I can't wait for Christmas!!!!

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