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Never despise meager beginnings...

When I got to Houston I searched for "Non Profit Organizations Houston". I wanted to work in an industry which would allow me to utilize both my sociology and religion degree to further the organization's mission statement.  I was certain among the Christian Ministries Houston, I would find a suitable job. I was not certain I had any business being where I was. But, God had greater plans.

Flash forward three months---October 12, 1992--It was my FIRST day on a new job...I had just moved to Houston from Indiana. I was dressed in a nice sweater and skirt--I thought I looked professional.  I was 24 years old and in my THIRD job working in Social Services.  I was nervous, excited, hopeful, anxious, and ready for whatever God handed me.  Well, almost ready.

I had been at work for two hours...I was overwhelmed!  Thirty families, over 50 children, and I was supposed to know their names, ages, and needs!!?? What did I get myself into??  I was introduced to my shift-partner--what was her name, again? Oh, yeah, Denise. But, Denise What?

I thought I had just gotten the hang of things when a resident of the Transitional Living Center walked up to me. She was smiling, thankfully. Then, the assessment; she looked me up and down and said, "You won't last a week."

Oh, I thought I had gained my footing; knew what I was doing...her statement had me reeling.  Was I really in the right place?  I prayed all the way home--asking God to reveal His will to me.  Was I really where He wanted me to be??

By the time I reached my home (a 45 minute drive), I had my answer. I looked at the seat next to me with all my "first day on the job papers"...and, there ON TOP, was a little picture one of the children drew for me.  "Welcome, Miss Erika," it said, scrawled in the crayon-handwriting of a child.  That was my answer--hope had floated up...and, I was where God wanted me to be.

And, I still am...

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