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Opening Doors to Second Chances

Many of the clients we see in Star of Hope’s New Haven program need a second chance on LIFE. Our ladies come to us from abusive and broken relationships, their pasts filled with tragedy and disappointment. They have potential to reach great heights, but no one will give them a chance.

Watch this video and see how appreciative Alisha is to have her second chance!

“Star of Hope opened doors to me and gave me a second chance.” -- Alisha

Have you ever wanted a second chance to do something over? Perhaps a meeting with your boss, a golf game, or some other missed opportunity?

The precious ladies in New Haven hear things like this all the time:

  • “You were denied for benefits because you did not respond to our request in time.” Meanwhile, her stomach and refrigerator are empty.
  • “You cannot qualify for an apartment because you have a felony on your record.” No matter that the felony was several years ago and she has NO PLACE else to live unless her application is approved.
  • “We are looking for someone with more experience.” She is likely the best candidate, but because she is older, she is passed by.

In New Haven, we say “YES” whenever we can! We screen clients IN, rather than screen them OUT. We set them up for success rather than failure. We work with a housing partner who is willing to work with our clients with “imperfect” backgrounds and give them their own apartment. We are able to help our clients “open doors” and give “second chances” … not because they earned it or deserve it, but because of Christ’s death on the cross. Three days in the tomb and the door opened when the stone was rolled way … and, we ALL got a second chance for salvation and eternal life.

Won’t you help us as we continue open doors for ladies like Alisha?

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