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"Please Pray for Me"

It is a call every parent dreads...a call that your child has been hurt and is in the hospital.

Well, these clients are certainly not my children--many of them would cringe at the thought!! But, as I interact with them, pray for/with them, share their struggles and cheer their achievements--I feel much like a parent.

On Saturday, March 5th, I was told that one of the Star of Hope Mission - New Horizons clients had been injured at his job and was taken to the hospital.  I immediately prayed, "God, please let him be alright!"  I texted him...asked him to call when/if he was able.

He called right back. "I got hurt at work, Miss Erika." More details followed...then, "I have to have surgery on my leg."  I asked him what we could do for him...could we bring anything, do anything??!!  And, in the most humble, contrite spirit, I heard him say, "Please pray for me."

I can do that, I thought.  "I will let everyone know to pray for that okay."  He agreed that I could tell the others in the program.  I sent out the word that he was in the hospital and needed prayer--many of the clients texted back saying, "I will be praying!", "Oh, I just talked with him yesterday! I will keep him in my prayers."

And, that is why I do what I do...I get to encourage others, pray for them, and minister to them in their time of need.  What better job in the WHOLE world??!!

UPDATE: I visited Artie in the hospital today. He is in a lot of pain and I was able to listen to his concerns, pray with him and encourage him...what a privilege and honor.

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