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"Please Pray for Me" Part 2

It is a humbling experience to be at the mercy of others during a time of injury, illness or their need. And, that is exactly what I am facing.

As Director of Star of Hope's New Horizons Program, I get to minister to the needs of others every day. I have the privilege of encouraging others in times of worry/distress and times of achievement/success.  I also get to pray with others on a daily basis for just about anything and everything.

My clients have been concerned about my upcoming leave of absence for medical purposes.  But, they are not concerned in the way we might think:
  • They are not worried if their rental subsidy will be paid;
  • They are not concerned as to whether the Community Prayer Time on Mondays will be canceled;
  • They don't ask about services which will be delayed or eliminated...
But, they ask...what can we do for you Miss, Erika.  And, I have taken my cue from my client, Artie. When he was injured on the job recently...I asked him what we could do.  And, he replied "Pray for me." 

So, that is what I am asking..."Please, pray for me."  I will miss all my clients, staff and the daily running of the New Horizons Program, but I know that all will be fine in my absence.  The Lord will guide the staff and clients just as He will guide me in my recovery.  Again, what an honor and privilege to be a part of the Star of Hope and this New Horizons "family."

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