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Time To Take Off The Training Wheels

I read and re-read the letter. Glazing over the misspellings and grammatical errors to see only the heart behind the words. “I am so much better for the time we spent together,” Amy* wrote. “May the next resident be as blessed as I.” My heart swells with what can only be described as pride as I offer up a prayer for Amy as she departs our New Haven program.

Amy moved into Star of Hope's New Haven in May 2012. She had goals of obtaining income, attaining stability with her mental health issues, and reconciling with her daughter, Molly*. Not long after she entered the program, she was approved for disability benefits and food stamps. She continued meeting with her psychiatrist to achieve the proper medication levels and her medical doctor to find relief for the pain in her back and neck. She also began to contact her daughter, attending college in another state.

Having fled to Houston to escape an abusive relationship, Amy realized she had to get stronger before she could return to her home state. New Haven provided the environment and encouragement for her to do just that. “After much prayer and prep work, I have arranged a transfer to begin rebuilding my daughter and my relationship,” Amy writes. She leaves us another message, scrawled on the back of an old receipt...“Time to take off the training wheels.”

Having begun the healing process at Star of Hope’s Women and Family Emergency Shelter and then continuing to gain wisdom and strength, Amy made the brave decision to return. She has saved money for rent in her OWN place, purchased tickets for travel, and pre-planned her continued medical care in her new destination. Now, I call that SUCCESS!!

We pray Amy continues to be in touch with us and let us know how her daughter is doing. But, even if she doesn't’t, we know that God is with Amy...and, He will NEVER let her go.

Learn more about Star of Hope's New Haven. *Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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Comments for Time To Take Off The Training Wheels

Name: Vivian Camacho
Time: Friday, September 21, 2012

Praise be to God!

Name: Carol Chileen
Time: Friday, September 21, 2012

Very nice - I especially like the training wheels reference.
Sometimes all we need for success is for someone to take off the training wheels and let us ride alone. Even if we fall, if we have the tools to get up and try again, then we have succeeded.

Name: DPrice
Time: Friday, September 28, 2012

To God Be The Glory! It is awesome to see Kingdom principles being applied -- not just a hearer, but a "doer of the Word."

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