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A Banner Year Thanks to YOU!

You have helped restore almost 7,000 lives in Houston in 2011

As I am sitting here in my office, taking a deep breath and thinking back over this past year, I am amazed and humbled at all God has done in our community through the Star of Hope.

Record numbers of people have become homeless in Houston this past year, and as a result, Star of Hope has served more individuals than ever before in our 104 year history this year. Immediate needs met, safety, a place to sleep, clothes, showers, food, a note card of encouragement from a volunteer, a counselor and longer term programs to help begin putting life back together…all offered to each one in an environment filled with the love of Christ.

Star of Hope 2011

I am reminded about the young man in his 20’s who graduated from our Men’s Development Center this past summer, who had been left on the doorsteps of a hospital in his home town when he was only 6 weeks old because his mom didn’t want him. He had struggled with the sense that he didn’t belong or have a home his whole life. But here at Star of Hope he “came home” to Christ and found new purpose and his eternal identity in Him. Or the young 15 year old girl, who came to us with her family, two years behind in school because of all the moves the family had made the prior couple of years. Through our Stars of 2morrow Teen Ministry this young lady caught up in school and graduated from high school in the top 7.5% of her class this past spring. She is at the University of Texas this Christmas on a scholarship! And there are hundreds of other stories just like these, inspiring and life-changing, all because Houstonians like you CARE.

Star of Hope 2011

A month ago, the children of the Yellowstone Academy Middle School held a fundraiser for Star of Hope, and together raised $176.28 to give to children less fortunate than themselves here at the Star of Hope. These precious children, whose families’ average income is about $10,000 per year, came on a school bus and joyfully brought us their Christmas gift.

Yesterday, a young man named William rode a bus to downtown from a west Houston grocery store where he works as a sacker, then took a train from downtown to the Medical Center, then a cab to Star of Hope, to bring his $200 gift he had been saving up. He does not have a car, but wanted to bring his Christmas gift in person this year somehow, some way.

So I am humbled at how God uses it all…our gifts, our volunteer hours, our staff and facilities, and most of all, our prayers to change and restore lives from the depths of despair, to heartfelt joy once again.

From all of us to you, thanks for making this all possible! We look forward to serving our community, with you, in 2012.

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