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My First Impressions of the Star of Hope Staff

I’ve been thinking back to my early months here last fall, and my first impressions of the Mission as I arrived and joined the team. I was most surprised by two things: 1) the breadth and quality of the ministry services, and 2) by the high caliber of our staff.

I guess I didn’t expect the program services to be of the quality and advanced educational level that they are. I have been continually impressed as I’ve seen more and more about how the Star of Hope works through systematic, step by step processes to stabilize our Clients and help them on their own path to recovery and a new life! It’s inspiring to see our staff at work here on a daily basis, to see their Spirit-filled demeanor, and to watch the progress of specific Clients from their initial days to graduation days. Each one’s story is a tapestry of a difficult past, which is transformed by God and awakened to a new life over their days and months at the Mission. And our staff is there to help them through it.

WOW, what a team of ministry professionals who serve here! My first “Staff Appreciation Retreat” last fall, where we had all staff together for worship, Bible study, and creative brainstorming sessions for the future, was inspiring and moving. Half of the group attends the first retreat day, held one Friday, then the rest attends the next Friday, and each of those days are phenomenal. My wife and I were moved to experience God “AT WORK” in the spirit of our team, and to experience it in such a concentrated form on those two days was really powerful.

“Life changes” happen here all the time. God works through our staff to heal the broken spirits and bodies. I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry, and thank God every day for giving me and our team this opportunity of service.

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