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2009… What A Year!

As the New Year fast approaches, I want to extend a sincere and heart-felt “Thank You” to you, for all your support and help this past year! 2009 has been a rough year for most all of us in some way or another, and has seen unexpected severe hardship on many individuals and families in Houston and around the country, due to the major economic crisis we have all faced.

Star of Hope has been a true shining light in this darkness, and I can joyfully say that EVERYONE at this Mission has stepped up and worked extra hard this year to serve the huge numbers of men, women and children who have come to us for help. I am so proud of our staff! And I am personally grateful to you for supporting and partnering with us this past year, to provide the resources to serve as we’ve been called to serve. We could not have done it without you!

As we face 2010, we know going in, that there are many who are at the brink and will deal with financial crisis, loss of home or apartment and job in the year to come. With your continued help… in the many ways you partner with us… we will seek to continue to meet these lives at their crisis point, and help them on their journey to a new life of faith, work and home for them and their families.

Blessings to you, our dear partner, and best wishes for a joy filled New Year for you and yours!

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