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Angels Call at Christmas!

Christmastime is such a fun and amazing time here at Star of Hope. Granted it’s the busiest time of the year for our staff, but what makes it so special is the way God works through this Sacred and Holy Season to touch lives all around us!

An “Angel” called me earlier this week, to tell me he wanted to bring a gift to Star of Hope for Christmas. He had bought a cashier’s check, because he doesn’t have any credit or a bank account, so he wanted to deliver it in person. As we talked, I learned he works at a grocery store here in Houston, and didn’t have a car, so he was planning to ride the bus to bring his check to us. I knew right then he was one of God’s special blessings we receive each year for the benefit of our Clients at Star of Hope! You see, he said, “I want to help those less fortunate than me!”

Every gift of your time or financial resources, or of prayers for our Clients, their children, and our Staff, are all “Angel Calls” right from the heart of God. And Christmas becomes Christmas all over again!

You know, I think even Jesus himself shows up here and there, and walks among us… bringing Joy to our Clients. You can see it in the Christmas Programs held here, all the gifts brought by caring Houstonians, toys, clothing, food, you name it…and for just a while, our “less fortunate” become the most blessed and happy people in Houston!

Thanks for helping out at Christmas, and allowing God’s love to flow through you. You are a true “Angel Call” for so many.

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