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Can You Name One Person?

Drug Rehab Centers HoustonMost of us have been touched in some way by substance abuse. September is National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month, when recovery programs nation-wide celebrate success in helping people overcome their addictions.

Star of Hope has two outstanding recovery programs operating 365 days a year, New Hope and Spiritual Recovery Program . Each is intensely focused on helping men and women who have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction become free of chemical dependency. In the process of learning to understand themselves and what got them where they are, many find a new life in Christ, a renewed purpose and a real future. You might be surprised, as I have been, by who benefits from these programs... those with a history of substance abuse, as you would expect, but also attorneys, teachers, executives and other professionals.

Interested in learning more about this problem and what’s being done about it at Star of Hope? Then here is my challenge to you:

  • Join me and our staff at one of our monthly Graduation Ceremonies and see for yourself what God is doing to change broken lives.
  • Listen to the stories of our graduates “live” and experience their joy in rising from rock-bottom to a life of meaning and purpose.
  • And if you CAN name one person - a friend, family member or colleague - someone you know is overcome by addiction and needs a new start, consider bringing that person with you. It may be the best gift you ever give!

For graduation dates and to attend soon, send an email to

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