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Children Are Victims Of Homelessness

While more fortunate kids are planning “sleepovers” and getting ready for the new school year, last Sunday 30 children along with their parents slept on mats at our downtown Women & Family Emergency Shelter… a total of 88 people in all.

Our rooms were all full – but we were able to accommodate them on the floor. We try never to turn anyone away. With these guests, we had 388 people in this one shelter alone. Almost half of those were children eighteen and under… most of them were under twelve. I am always touched most by the children, as they are the innocent, ultimate victims of homelessness. Many of them do not know what “normal” childhood is all about. 

I am comforted and joyful to add, however, that in the daytime our House of Hope children’s facility provides childcare and activities for these kids. It’s such a great place and everything seems “normal” for those inside! That’s our goal: to allow the children of the homeless families we serve to play, learn, enjoy nourishing meals and experience love like any child in a normal situation does. I love walking through the halls and hearing the sounds of laughter and happiness. These “Kids in Crisis” finally have a normal routine. The dreams of camp and school replace nightmares and fear.

But our city has a long way to go with families in need and there are so many now. The economic situation that is gripping our nation increasingly affects Houston. We see it more and more every day.

As you may know, Star of Hope reaches out to about 1,000 homeless men, women and children EVERY DAY through the combined effort of our Men’s Development Center, Transitional Living Center, New Horizons program and Women & Family Emergency Shelter.

Thank you for your support and prayers as God works through our staff to repair these broken families!

Comments for Children Are Victims Of Homelessness

Name: Michael Thompson
Time: Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hank wrote: "Many of them [the children] do not know what “normal” childhood is all about." This is such a sad and misfortunate commentary. On the other hand, it is such blessing that their physical emotional and spiritual needs of these families are being met at the Star of Hope. I thank God for using the the staff and volunteers at the Womens & Family Emergency Shelter. I'm reminded of an elderly man going through the Spiritual Recovery Program stating that the Star of Hope was the best place he had ever lived. This too was a depressing commentary that exemplifies the hope that is the Star of Hope.

Name: mikaela dysard
Time: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i think that it is terrible that there are homeless peoles. and i am glad that there are people in the world that will help them find or have a home for at least a day or two. i would be glad to give any homeless person a home but i am only 14 so i cant:( but thank you too the people that can and do help them........keep up the nice and caring work that you do for them!!!!! thanks alot again(:

Name: Brenna Bair
Time: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

its horrible that things like this happen for the simplest of reasons im always bringing home hurt animals and people a like my parents get mad but they support my reasoning well i know what my future will be like I'LL BRING EVERYONE I MEET THAT NEEDS A HOME TO MY HOME!!!

Name: richie schmeck
Time: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i actually taklked to a homeless person and at first you think they will wanna mug you but it turns out they are just like us. you shouldnt treat homeless people like poo. they turn out to be very fun.

Name: Jennifer East
Time: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

homelessness is like a cancer. it hits the people who least deserve it.

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