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Christmas in August - Back to School Parties

Homeless Services HoustonRemember how exciting it was to shop for the opening of school; to finally get those cool sneakers you wanted and a book-bag -- that would hold all your stuff? That’s exactly what it was like for the children at Star of Hope late last week.

Our fabulous volunteers swarmed our family shelters and blessed our school-aged children with back-to-school parties, complete with hugs, high-fives, and everything they needed to hop on the bus, ready to go. It was quite a sight! Even the tiniest ones whose backpacks seemed to swallow them up were grinning ear to ear.

Hundreds of school-aged children live at Star of Hope with their families, throughout the year. They all need "equipping" to succeed, academically. We outfit them with uniforms, new shoes and backpacks filled with the essentials. However, in August, we have over a hundred children to get ready at once-- not a small task at all!

Late last week, thanks to our donors, volunteers and staff it was “Christmas in August" here at the Mission. We appreciate the enthusiastic help, encouraging hugs and all the donated school supplies without which there would be no ear-to-ear smiles, no high-fives and little reason to hope for success.

Take a look at the accompanying video and you’ll see the children receiving their customized backpacks. Tell us your thoughts, and join us in lifting families and individuals out of homelessness. You’ll be a blessing, and be blessed yourself. I guarantee it!

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Comments for Christmas in August - Back to School Parties

Name: Bill Burke
Time: Thursday, August 27, 2009

excellent video--love it!

Name: Jean Solis
Time: Thursday, August 27, 2009

My daughter and I were one of those families living @ SOH-TLC from 2005-2007 who so desperately needed these things. I didn't have a cent to get her what she needed, but Gabi Kocian ensured we had EVERYTHING we needed. I remember crying like a baby when I realized that my daughter had just received her first pair of NIKE tennis shoes...and she got them from SOH. All through the school year, Gabi ensured my little girl had every supply and piece of school clothing she needed....even if I didn't want to ask for it myself. We were blessed to be on the receiving end of this kindness at such a low point in our lives.

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Name: Scott McKinley
Time: Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm glad you found the Star of Hope Mission blog. Thanks for the question about RSS feeds. You can find the RSS button in the left column. Just click on it to receive content updates. You can also click on the "receive email news and more" button to receive email updates and notifications.

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