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Everyone Likes A Little Help, Even Volunteers!

Houston Womens Shelter

My wife, Elisabeth, volunteers weekly at Star of Hope facilities and recently she prepared materials to update several bulletin boards at our Women & Family Emergency Shelter downtown. She went in one Thursday with all of her materials and supplies. A few minutes after she had started working, she heard a young voice behind her asking if she needed any help. She turned and met a 14 year old young man, who asked again, "Do you think I could help you. I'd be glad to!" "Well, of course you can... thank you for offering," was her reply. With that my tireless volunteer wife had an assistant! In a few minutes this young man's younger brother and sister had appeared, and soon all three were busy cutting out borders and stars for the new bulletin boards. As Elisabeth asked about the children they told her they were at the Mission with their mom, who was meeting with our Staff about staying there at the shelter.

They all worked merrily along and had a wonderful time, and the bulletin boards came out just great.

About the time they were finishing up the children's mom came up, and the 14 year old got her cell phone and began photographing the bulletin boards. As Elisabeth observed what he was taking pictures of, she got tears in her eyes.... you see, he was taking pictures of the Holy Bible scripture passages they had stapled to the corkboard. Scriptures about Encouragement and Hope! And his favorite one... Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!"

The children had been so well behaved, helpful, and fun to work with, and the extra blessing for Elisabeth was in the fact that her bulletin board had already had an impact on our Clients at the Star of Hope!

If you have an interest in Volunteering at the Star of Hope, please check out the current list at Community Volunteer Opportunities Houston!

Community Volunteer Opportunities Houston

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Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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