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Fifth Graders “Book Drive and Tebow” for the Kids at Star of Hope!

Star of Hope serves 250-300 children each day, who are staying in our facilities with their parents as they work to recover from homelessness.

Just last week, a group of 5th grade boys at Second Baptist School, arrived at our front door with 19 boxes of children’s books! This all started when a young man named Fielden cleared all of the books he had outgrown from his room after Christmas. As he wondered who could use them he remembered his family serving at Star of Hope’s Women & Family Emergency Shelter downtown. He decided to give the books to the kids at Star of Hope.

Second Baptist School Book Drive for Star of Hope

Fielden and his mom met with Elizabeth Hatler, Manager of Volunteer Services here at Star of Hope. As he learned how much children who come to Star of Hope experiencing homelessness with their families would love to have books of their own, he decided to do a book drive with his friends at school. Fielden sent out letters to 25 or so of his friends, asking them to help. The 5th graders worked, and then their work was multiplied by a bunch 11 and 12 year olds, who caught the spirit and built the collection. Bags and boxes of books kept coming, as the kids’ and families’ excitement grew!

Last Thursday, Fielden and 15 of his teammates arrived in numerous SUV’s and swooped into our lobby with box after box of children’s books for our kids. After touring the Transitional Living Center, he asked the boys to take a moment to pray that God would use the books, then added, “Tebowing allowed.” In a wave, the boys dropped to their knees and prayed. Not only did they ask that the children at Star of Hope would benefit from their books, but that God would use them to draw the children closer to Him.

Second Baptist School 5th Graders 'Tebowing" at Star of Hope Houston

There are so many ways to help those experiencing homelessness in our city. We welcome your help in organizing food, clothing, school supplies, diapers, and yes…book drives for those seeking help at Star of Hope. Feel free to contact our Volunteer Services Staff to discuss how your family , church or corporation can help us in this way, as we meet to provide the needs of 1,100 men women and children each day!

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Comments for Fifth Graders “Book Drive and Tebow” for the Kids at Star of Hope!

Name: Peggy swoboda
Time: Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truly inspiring. Feels like a challenge needs to be made to grace Presbyterian school at my church

Name: Debboe
Time: Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great job! Kids showing leadership. What a great example of what one person, even a child can do. God will surely bless him & his friends!

Name: Carolyn Furber
Time: Friday, May 11, 2012

This is why we give to Star of Hope! Not only do they provide for the material needs of others, but also show the love of Christ to them. The Fruit of the Spirit is alive at Star of Hope!

Name: Courtney Hill
Time: Friday, May 11, 2012

It was such a special blessing for me to witness this event first hand! Thank you Second Baptist School and Fielden! Your "Tebowing" for the Star of Hope will always be appreciated. We truly value all of your efforts and prayers!

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