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God's always with you, wherever you go...

I’m truly inspired by how God touches lives.  When I attend the graduation ceremonies at our Men’s Development Center (MDC), I and the staff pray with the men who will be commencing that day. They share their prayer requests with us … many of those related to overcoming their addictions and reconciling with their wives and families. After each ceremony I will write down their prayers and continue to pray for them.

The story shared by one recent graduate of the Spiritual Recovery Program continues to dwell in my heart because it is a strong testament to how God can take a life … broken at a very young age … and transform it through the power of His love.

While Tyson grew up in an affluent neighborhood, his father was an abusive alcoholic. Tyson was only seven years old when his father, after years of physical abuse, murdered his mother in their home. His father has been incarcerated ever since then. As Tyson put it, he “lost both parents that day.”

After years of trying to recover from that tragedy ... addiction, taking advantage of his family and friends, even time in jail … Tyson “just happened” to see a Star of Hope TV commercial late one night, and that was it.  Seven and a half hours later he was at the Star of Hope Mission where he entered MDC and then was accepted into the Spiritual Recovery Program.  

“When I got into the program I learned that a higher power needed to fix me” he said. "I know God is with me wherever I go.  Coming to the Star of Hope is the best decision I have ever made.”

Tyson’s story is a testament to how God can turn a hopeless situation around with just about anything … including a TV commercial ... thanks to Star of Hope supporters, like you.

I hope you are inspired by how the love and support shared with Tyson can have a positive ripple effect for many years to come. The essential message of change is what we share every day with all who come to the Star of Hope in need.  Finding new life and faith in Jesus Christ is a core goal of Star of Hope's Vision 2020: to end homelessness… one life, one family at a time.

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