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How Can I Help The Homeless?

This is one of the most frequent questions I hear from friends and folks around the community! "How can I help the homeless?" Everyone feels compelled to help when they see someone on the streets, or when they see news stories on TV showing the great needs of homeless individuals and families. But the homeless world seems so far away from so many of us, and we just don’t know what to do.

I’ll never forget the time several years ago, when my children then 12 and 9, first saw a homeless person on the streets while running errands one Saturday. Their reaction was, “Dad, stop the car, aren’t we going to help them?...We need to help them!” It was a compelling moment, and my wife and I began searching for answers to the question: “How could WE help the homeless we encounter in our daily life?”

If you’re wondering the same thing, take a look at and you’ll get some easy tips we have developed at Star of Hope that you can use to make a difference!

While many of our homeless on the streets have complex mental, emotional and physical problems, they all have one thing in common. They each are God’s creation. Because of that, they need love, human interaction, help onto a path to overcome their problems and to achieve a life of joy and fulfillment!

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