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How's This For A Great Spring Break?

My  family and I had a great Spring Break this past week, so glad to have time together and no homework!  Have you ever wondered what Spring Break might be like for a homeless teenager living in a shelter?  Well, here’s what Star of Hope’s teenagers did last week.  Below is a short summary by Chad Smith, one of Star of Hope’s Teen Ministers, of the fun and educational week they had together with our “Stars of 2Morrow”:

“To summarize what we did for spring break, Tuesday morning we went to Carino’s Restaurant. One of the servers took them on a tour of a working restaurant. They were able to meet all of the staff of Carino’s and ask questions. After that, they went to the tables and made their own personal pizzas starting from the dough adding any topping they wanted. Then, of course, when they finished the pizzas, they baked them and ate them! It was a lot of fun."
"Wednesday morning we took them to the University of Houston and met up with the soccer team staff and a few of the players. They told us about the athletic department in the University of Houston and then they gave us a tour of the facilities where the athletes train and play. At the end of the tour, the staff answered more questions and then they gave us U of H t-shirts. On Wednesday evening, the teens went to the Rodeo. The seats were amazing and the food was incredible (hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fried steak). They were able to see the cowboys lasso the bulls and other typical rodeo events followed by the musical performance of Gary Allen. Overall the teens had an amazing day."

"The neat thing about Wednesday is I have a 13 year old girl who loves soccer and has wanted to do nothing this month but go to the rodeo. And she has diligently tried to go with family or friends, but with no success. And let’s just say Wednesday was a very special day for her. She was able to interact with the UofH soccer team and then head to Rodeo for an amazing evening! It was kind of a dream come true for her."

"Friday, we took the teens on a hiking trip. They love those trips and they are always so surprised the places you can get good exercise around the city."

"Saturday evening they went to a Hope for Youth event where they enjoyed barbecue and fellowship with other teens and volunteers from Second Baptist. So that was our eventful spring break."

We are very thankful for Chad and our Teen Team, and especially thank the very special sponsor organizations mentioned above, and so many of you in our community who offer your time and resources to positively impact the lives of our Clients!

Learn more about Stars of 2morrow,  Star of Hope's minstry for teens, at
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