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Is Summer 2010 Ever Going to End?

I’ve been sharing with you and with our community since June about the unusual trends we’re seeing this summer, as hundreds more families have been coming to Star of Hope’s Women & Family Emergency Shelter and others throughout the city, in crisis and in need of help.

So far this year, we at Star of Hope have served 50,000 more meals than we did during the same months last year, and that was a record year for Star of Hope, with over 668,000 meals served! This emergency shelter has been full every night this summer, and in addition, has had large numbers of "overnighters" sleeping on the floor. We have worked hard to serve them well, and you have helped with additional donations and volunteer hours to meet the demands. We are so grateful for your partnership and help!

As I write to you today, we are still experiencing unusually high overflow crowds of 90–100 people each night, double what we say during Hurricane Katrina. As you know, Star of Hope does not turn anyone away, unless they present as violent. These families’ and single women’s stories mostly center around the economy, fleeing of abuse, or the end of "doubling up" situations they have been in where they have shared an apartment or home with another family, and have worn out their welcome.

We seek your prayers for the thousands of individuals homeless in Houston this summer, who are having an especially difficult time with full shelters, difficult job prospects, babies’ and children’s needs, in the absence of any financial resources. We also seek your prayers for Star of Hope Staff, who have the best intentions to serve and help, but are finding this unusually extended economically-driven crisis especially challenging!

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