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Is There Hope For Homeless Youth?

A car is pulling up with a family inside. The car stops and after yelling and some tears, a 13 year old jumps out of the car screaming and runs as fast as he can away from his family. The parents park the car and the dad chases after his son. They hug and return to the car. The dad then drives another block to the homeless shelter where they will be staying. With his son and two other children, he and his wife enter.

This episode occurred in front of a shelter a few months ago and relates how traumatic and embarrassing it is for a family, and especially their teenage children, to face homelessness.

I am more committed than ever to work to expand Star of Hope’s services to families in our community who become homeless. As you may know, with the help of Humana Houston Benefits last year, we began expanding our Teen Ministry. Stars of 2morrow helps young victims of homelessness to know that God loves them and has a great plan for their lives, while we work with their moms and dads.

Our new Star of Hope Vision 2015 includes exciting new initiatives and partnerships for the homeless teens and children in our city, and we look forward to seeing more of these lives successfully helped out of their current plight. We believe there IS HOPE! Please keep us in your prayers!

Learn more about Star of Hope’s ministry to teens and families at Supporting Homeless Shelters Houston.

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