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25 Degrees in Houston

It doesn’t come often, but we’re all finding ourselves in 25 degree weather and on our own “Cold Weather Alert” this week! Heavy coats, covered plants, rolling power outages…and rain and snow on the way before the weekend. Just a short walk from our car to the door for us...but can you imagine what it’s like for those who are on the streets?

Star of Hope is here for the homeless of Houston, and despite our own rolling power outages, our staff is working hard to accommodate and help the overflow crowds who are coming in for help. This is a great opportunity for us to introduce them to the many programs and services that can help them turn their lives around, and begin again. Take a look at some of the efforts that are underway!

We are grateful for the men and women who have made the decision to seek shelter and hope in our facilities, but our hearts are still with the ones on the streets tonight who have not yet reached out to Star of Hope.

Learn more about how you can help Houston's homeless men, women and children with Star of Hope Mission. Visit:
- Donation Opportunities Houston
- Volunteer Opportunities Houston
- Urgent and Ongoing Needs

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