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People Just Like You and Me

He had his own small business and a home for his family. As the economy imploded over the past 18 months, he lost his business, and went on unemployment. He and his wife and three children stayed with different family members for a while, until it became too much and they had to move on. No more unemployment and no place else to go, they have sent two daughters to live with a sister in Missouri, and have come to our Women & Family Emergency Shelter with their son this past week for help.

This family is the all too familiar story of “people just like you and me” we are seeing this summer at Star of Hope. It’s tragic how the loss of job and income can take a family through the trauma and tears of desperation and hopelessness. But Star of Hope is choosing to serve all who come our way! Help us make this a “Summer of Hope” as we serve these families and individuals in crisis! And, please pray with us for God’s richest blessings on each one, as we love and care for them through this difficult part of their journey.

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