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Charlotte’s Lemonade feeds a Homeless Houstonian for Two Weeks!

Charlotte raised money to feed the homeless by selling lemonadeLast week on “National Lemonade Day”, 8 year old Charlotte diligently prepared her lemonade stand for the day, as did so many other children around the country. But Charlotte’s motive was not just about learning to run her business and make a profit, it was much bigger than that. You see, Charlotte was determined to help the homeless in our city with her profits. And she donated not just some, but ALL she made to charity... $65 to the Star of Hope. This will feed one person for two weeks!

All of us who have children, or work with children, know how pure their hearts can be, and how clearly they see the right thing to do so many times. You see, for some time now, Charlotte has seen the same homeless man on the streets, caring for his two dogs…Applejacks and a companion stray. “She does not understand how someone who cares so much for these two animals, does not receive the same care for other people”, her mom said. So she decided to do something about it, on Lemonade Day!

God’s Word tells us in Matthew 18: 3-4: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Are you touched by Charlotte’s wreckless abandon to help someone God loves just as much as he loves us? I am. And if you are, I encourage you to give a gift right now….a gift of $65.00…..and MATCH CHARLOTTE’S wholehearted, all out gift, to help the homeless men, women & children in our city today.

It won’t be nearly as painful for us to give of our resources, as it was for Charlotte to work an entire day and even more, and give it ALL. But if enough of us MATCH HER GIFT, we can make this a Summer of Hope for Houston’s Homeless to find a new life, like never before!

Better yet, feed one person all summer long, $1.60 per meal for 4 months, for just $520. I hope you will give wholeheartedly today, as you are led!

Read Charlotte's letter to Star of Hope

Donate to Charitable Organizations Houston - Star of Hope Mission:

Comments for Charlotte’s Lemonade feeds a Homeless Houstonian for Two Weeks!

Name: jennifer welch
Time: Saturday, June 11, 2011

Please let charlette know that The Welch family is very proud of her for her effort . best wishes ...
( Jennifer,kenny,victoria and steven )

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