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Show God’s Love this Christmas!

Christmas time is such a wonderful time of the year. Everyone’s spirits are joyful! Homes are decorated, and Christmas lights abound! We all love the aroma of Christmas cookies in the oven … and the sounds of a crackling fire in the fireplace. One of our family’s favorite traditions is listening to all the music of Christmas. I don’t remember very many of the presents I received over the years of Christmases past … you may not either. But we do remember the LOVE with which they were given!

One special Christmas for me was when I was 8 years old … I wanted a new bicycle very much, and I remember my mom, dad, sister and I going to Sears Roebuck one night shopping, where I found the perfect red and chrome bike … it was just what I wanted! But later that night my mom told me that money was tight and a new bike was not going to be possible that year. So, I asked for bicycle paint and new tires to refurbish my old bike and resolved to be happy with that.

Well, that shiny new bike was under the tree on Christmas morning, and I can still feel the love of my parent’s sacrifice to get it for me! That is the true spirit of Christmas, as God showed His great love toward us through His gift of the birth of His only son, Jesus Christ!

This holiday season, I pray that we think about Christmases past … and we join together to thank God for His amazing gift to us of His son, Jesus Christ. We especially lift up those in our community who have lost their way … homeless, hopeless, and in fear this Christmas. I pray God uses us to bring His hope into their lives and the lives of their children … that they may feel God’s love this Christmas as never before, as we celebrate the birth of His Son!

Serving with you in Christ, and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Star of Hope Mission
Houston Homeless Services, Programs and Ministry

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