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So What Is Summer Without The Blob?

Summer at Star of Hope is a BUSY time, with homelessness UP in our city, and the SEVERE HEAT, and HUNDREDS OF KIDS HOME FROM SCHOOL! But it’s not a hopeless, sad time for those who have found themselves homeless. Watch this video to hear about some of the things our kids are doing this summer, while their parents are working on getting their lives back together.

While we work with the parents to help them recover and plan their re-entry into everyday life, the workforce, and independent living, we take good care of the kids. Age appropriate activities and learning opportunities, and lots of fun, are all a part of summer at Star of Hope for those 18 and under. I know you agree that a good dose of "normal kids stuff" in a loving supportive environment while simultaneously teaching the young victims of homelessness about all that God has planned for them -- is a big help to the children of these disintegrated families.

Did you know, Star of Hope is one of the few providers in Houston where families can stay together when they become homeless? Unlike many other facilities, our Women & Family Emergency Shelter has small but adequate private rooms for families. Parents are so relieved that their children don’t have to be removed from them by CPS...making their homeless situation even more traumatic because of lack of shelter and program facilities that serve intact families.

We’re BUSY as ever this summer, with more people on our Houston streets than any time in recent documented history….up 25% in just the past year alone. You can make an investment into healing and uplifting one of these families this summer, by checking out the Ways to Give to “Summer of Hope”: Visit

P.S….in case you’re wondering: "THE BLOB" is a large inflatable tube that kids jump onto and bounce off of in a lake…it’s a lot of fun…and all a part of giving these kids an OPPORTUNITY to begin a new life!

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