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Star of Hope - "Home to the Brave"

Homeless Vets celebrated everyday at Star of Hope Men’s Development Center

Today is Veteran’s Day, and as I’m writing this blog, I’m reminded of the long heritage Star of Hope Mission has had in serving our Veterans who become homeless.  Way back in 1945-1946, Star of Hope was serving hundreds of Veterans each month, coming through Houston with no place to stay. Ever since then, Star of Hope has proudly served Vets who have become homeless and need help in re-establishing their lives, after their service to our country. 
Today, we are serving 100-150 Veterans per day, from the Vietnam, Korean, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan wars, with recovery programs and life changing help for a better life.  In our VIP Program, we serve 150-200 per year, in partnership with Houston’s Veteran’s Administration to help with their physical and mental health, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and addiction recovery needs.  Our men in the PTSD group meet twice each week, offered at Star of Hope in partnership with Military Ministries, an arm of PTSD Foundation of America.

When I attend any Veteran’s program at church or in our community, my eyes well up with tears, as I think of the many men I’ve met here, who, without the Star of Hope, would be on the streets of Houston today.  They are not forgotten!  And they feel God’s love everyday they are with us.  Star of Hope is “Home to the Brave”…and my hat is off to the great staff of men and women at our Men’s Development Center in Downtown Houston who faithfully serve these who have sacrificially served all of us in defending our country.

If you’ve never been to any of Star of Hope’s mission locations, I invite you to come and tour, get involved and volunteer!  You can help Veterans and many others with your talents to have a better life, renew their faith and strength, and once again, stand tall as Americans.  Come and join us, you’ll be glad you did!

Learn more about star of Hope at Mens Shelter Donation Houston and Houston Volunteer Opportunities.

Comments for Star of Hope - "Home to the Brave"

Name: Kimberly
Time: Thursday, November 11, 2010

I just watched the Deborah Duncan Show and saw the Star of Hope singers perform for Veteran's Day. I was floored by the talent. It was beautiful and they deserve praise for their hard work as do our Vets. Veterans are our most valuable citizens. God bless them all and God bless the Star of Hope for changing the lives of so many deserving men, women, and children.

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