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The Miracle of Changed Lives in Our City

One of the most interesting Miracles that I have observed since joining Star of Hope is to see Houstonians all around town who are successful graduates of the Mission. They are everywhere! I have been amazed to meet so many in everyday places. When I wear a Star of Hope sports shirt during the week or on weekends, I almost always encounter people who come up to me to tell me about their experience here. Many are graduates who are now leading a successful life, with a good job and place to live of their own. Most importantly, they have a relationship with Jesus Christ that is real and relevant in their daily living.

As we stop and visit, many times I am moved to tears by their sweet spirit and gratefulness for what God did in them at Star of Hope and what He’s doing in their lives today...

From a repairman in a lamp shop, to a church nursery worker’s husband, to a city water department supervisor repairing a water main, to a builder, to a young professional in her mid twenties who works in the computer industry, to a recent graduate with a great job who is in law school now, to another who graduated and went to work in the Texas Medical Center and has already had her first promotion!

It’s truly amazing to see how God can take a life at the very bottom, when there is no one else to turn to for a place to live and for life-help… and redeem and transform that life so totally. It’s just amazing to me!

Our goal for every man, woman & child who comes to Star of Hope is for them:
  • to find a new relationship with Jesus Christ
  • to learn to see themselves as whole, forgiven and loved by God
  • to get back on their feet, get a good job and be committed to it
  • to see their life happier and healthier than ever before

Successful, independent, joyful living, centered in Christ… that’s what we’re here for!

You may be or may know someone closely who is one of these graduates, and would like to tell us your story. If so, I invite you to respond to this blog entry and share that with us.

And, if you’re looking for examples of the many current “changed life” stories in progress at Star of Hope, just look around on our website and you will find them everywhere!

Please keep us in your prayers, and if you know someone who needs what I've described above, please click on “Need Help Now” or call us for assistance.

P.S. I just went through airport security with my Star of Hope shirt on, and the TSA Security lady asked about the Mission...she is a successful graduate!

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