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Good News … There is Hope.

At Star of Hope, we see broken and desperate lives every day, void of God. The world is telling them they are not good enough, and that they do not measure up to the standards of our society. Many are at rock bottom with literally no one else to turn to for help. But at the Star of Hope we tell them something different, we tell them there is good news … there is Hope and someone does care.

So, as we celebrate this Easter remember that just as Jesus has risen from the grave to new life, so can our clients get a new beginning at the Star of Hope. The Resurrection requires us to go forth, to move on, to accept our task in the world and to be where Christ is. We have been sent into the world to proclaim by our words and our example the Good News of Jesus Christ … and that there is always Hope!

As we move forward, may we never lose sight of the abiding joy, new life and love that is given to us, let us truly walk in reverence and introspection, then celebrate the NEW LIFE we have in Christ’s gift to us and to the world...

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving us your Son, and thank you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross for me … for each one who reads this … and for each homeless person or family who finds their way here to Star of Hope. Jesus is the Star of Hope … for the homeless and for all of us!

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