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Warm Houston Hearts Rally For Houston’s Homeless

What an amazing week we just experienced here in Houston… with below freezing nights, stores out of stock of insulation and heating equipment… as everyone rushed to prepare their homes for the cold.

But warm hearts abounded, as hundreds of Houstonians felt touched to reach out and help our Homeless population find shelter and warmth. Star of Hope’s two emergency shelters ramped up to sleep hundreds more on the floor, safe and warm from the weather and streets. Houston’s media organizations spread the news of the need for more blankets, sleeping bags, gloves and socks… and our great city responded!

The individual stories abound… family after family, companies, individuals, deciding to make a difference, and bringing carloads of these items to the Star of Hope.  Some went to multiple retailers to find items when they encountered stores that were sold out. One donor who wanted to help was sick at home with the flu and just couldn’t get out, so he went online and made an emergency gift through our website to help the cause financially!
Our “Love in Action” van was out several times every day handing out blankets, sleeping bags, socks, sandwiches and drinks to those on the streets, and bringing in all who were willing to take shelter.  And though our rooms were all occupied, everything worked smoothly for the 100+ men, women, and children in overflow, sleeping on the floor each night on mats and sleeping bags so many of you brought. Once inside, they were fed hot meals, shown God’s love… and hopefully given new Hope!

One member of the media, Susan O’Donnell of KSBJ, spent Saturday afternoon touring Star of Hope facilities and riding in the Love In Action Van; and was profoundly moved.  She saw staffer Charles Williams "putting the gloves on Jesus’ hands." And she spoke frequently on the radio over the weekend and Monday about her experiences. After looking in their eyes and hearing their stories, she stated she’d never think of them the same again, when she encounters one of these precious ones on the streets. Ones whom our Lord loves, and asks us to serve!

Thank you Susan, and each and every one of you great Houston folks, members of the media, donors, volunteers, and prayer partners… your Warm Houston Hearts made a difference in the lives of so many this past week!

Want to know more about how you can help those you encounter on the streets?  Click on and see how you can help!

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