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What Can Your Faith Do?

I got off the phone with a lady who called from St. Louis.  Her name is Tyra, and she proceeded to thank me for all we did for her a year ago.  She graduated from Star of Hope and is now living independently in her hometown, and guess what, she wants to start a homeless ministry there to help give back and serve others!

She asked how to get it started, and my thoughts immediately went to how I felt the first few days after joining Star of Hope in 2008.  I realized really quickly that this is God’s Place, and He ordains all that goes on here as we serve the least and the lost in our community.  So I encouraged her to go to Him immediately and turn her dream over to Him.

Then I thought, wow, what an undertaking!  Can she really accomplish this?  Does she have the faith to move that mountain?

Well, I’ve learned more than ever, over the past couple of years here at Star of Hope, that God can do ANYTHING He wants to, and he uses us who come to Him with surrendered, trusting hearts, to do HIS WORK. 
Is your faith big enough for your challenges?
Take a look at this #1 Hit song/video…I  hope it inspires you TODAY:

And please pray for our faith to be strong and vibrant as we serve here at Star of Hope, so that many in our community find new life, a new faith, and a great joy in living!

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