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When the Only Way to Look Is UP

As I am writing this, we have just experienced a night of unprecedented need at Star of Hope's downtown Women & Family Emergency Shelter. Last night, 141 families and single women were admitted to our already full family shelter.

The only place for them was on the floor on a mat, but they were grateful and came anyway. Thirty five families with their 55 children and 51 single women all came needing safety from the city streets and the heat. Can you imagine if the best thing in your day is finding a mat on the floor in a homeless shelter?

Well, they came to the right place! They are safe, loved, fed nutritious meals, had a bath and received new clothes (if they needed them)… even a toy or a book for their children. And today they will find a listening ear and a welcoming staff who will help them stabilize from their trauma, receive medical attention through the on-site Harris County Hospital Clinic… and as a private room opens up, a modest room for them and for their family.

Most importantly, we will help them to look UP and to hear once again something they haven’t heard or believed in many years… the truth that God loves them and has a very special plan for their lives.
Only He can forgive their past, heal their heart’s wounds and bring light and joy back into their lives!

A former guest of Star of Hope posted on our Facebook Wall last week: “I am so grateful not to be sleeping on that floor tonight, but I am also so grateful that floor was there for me to sleep on at the beginning of my journey to recovery.” Watch this video from KHOU News 11 to see what inspired this comment.

Within the next few days of their stay with us each adult will be helped to evaluate their situation, develop a plan for this week… then next week, then for the month to come. They will be counseled for personal needs, their children will have a safe place to play and receive love and encouragement, and help with their own needs in the midst of family homelessness.

Star of Hope’s Women & Family Shelter is the largest emergency facility in Houston serving families and single women in our five county area who have become homeless. We try not to ever turn anyone away. For two years now, the shelter has functioned at near capacity every night, and has experienced significant winter and summer peak overflow needs. Last night was the highest night of need on record. We are working on broader solutions to the growing issue of homelessness in our city, and our vision is to grow from serving 1,000 homeless people per day as we do now, to serving 2,000 per day, by 2015.

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Comments for When the Only Way to Look Is UP

Name: Ricardo Fojas
Time: Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank GOD for the Star of Hope! This is so very sad, so tragic that people are suffering right here in our community. It's unthinkable what would have happened to these suffering families if there is no Star of Hope. To all of you there at Star of Hope, you are making a big difference in our community. Thank you!

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